IV & NAD Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy is a proven medical treatment that provides maximum absorption of essential electrolytes, vitamins, nutrients and medicines for optimal health. INA offers 4 therapies which can be the sole reason for you coming in or can complement various other treatments offered at INA; all of our providers are happy to walk you through the options.

INA Beauty: $219
Recovery & Performance: $219
Myers Cocktail: $209
Hangover Drip: $179

NAD IV Therapy is a fast, convenient, and efficient way of increasing the essential enzyme in your bloodstream. Diet and lifestyle changes can improve your NAD+ production naturally, but for those who want a head start to treat their body’s NAD+ deficiency on top of these changes, NAD IV is the effective solution.

10 therapeutic benefits of NAD

  • NAD can help improve cognitive function. …
  • NAD can help reduce anxiety and depression. …
  • NAD can help improve sleep quality. …
  • NAD can help reduce inflammation. …
  • NAD can help boost energy levels. …
  • NAD can help improve skin health. …
  • NAD helps protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases.

NAD Therapy – 250mg – $350

NAD Therapy – 500mg – $500

NAD Therapy – 750mg – $675

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