About Ina

INA is a beauty sanctuary that embodies all things beauty, strength and divinity dedicated to being your full body, mind and spirit journey in all things self care and self love. Whether you are hoping for a relaxing day of therapy and serenity, a peek into all things regenerative, a chance to rebalance, or simply a refresh; INA is the only answer. Self love begins with self care and INA provides a beauty sanctuary of services led by industry experts using top of the line products at highest of standards to enhance and enrich your every day.

Meet Our Ina Team

One of the most sought-after trainers throughout the country due to his advanced, revolutionary anti-aging techniques.  Chris has close to two decades of clinical aesthetic experience, training in both aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery, bioidentical hormone replacement and nutrition therapy, and clinical research studies, Christopher brings a comprehensive, diverse, multi-specialty, patient centered approach to the science of restorative aging. 
Among many accomplishments, Christopher is a leading authority in facial rejuvenation using  lasting fillers and pioneered and developed what is considered the cornerstone in training techniques for their application and execution both in the United States and Canada. This expertise was the result of an independent, long term, comprehensive cadaver study, with the prime objective of integrating the relationship of aging to facial topography and genetic variants. The study included both male and female cadavers, of varying races, at every decade, starting with the aging decade twenty and ending at eighty.
This study, along with Christopher’s extensive clinical experience and chosen area of focus beyond female facial fillers has branded him an authority in male facial rejuvenation, under eye restoration, skin rejuvenation beyond skincare, and facial feminization/masculinization in transgender clients. Given their difficult execution and proprietary regenerative techniques, these procedures are also the most requested in his training and lecture schedule.
Remaining devoted to education, Christopher travels internationally lecturing, training physicians, and even training other trainers on long term, minimally invasive anti-aging techniques. His current endeavor is to develop a Center of Excellence where aesthetic experts from all over the United States can come to learn the artistry of natural facial and body rejuvenation.
Come meet this innovative provider who has helped shape the Aesthetic Industry. 

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Josh comes to Ina from a professional background in real estate. This career change comes from seeking to embody a message received in the jungles of Peru: You are loved, you are beautiful, and you are powerful. This driving philosophy is about finding your inner light, holding on to it, and offering your best self to the world.

Josh was seeking a way to share this message. When he found Ina, he knew he had found this opportunity. Ina was born out of a desire to provide a sanctuary for everyone who seeks to step away from their struggles and inner turmoil to renew themselves. Josh believes that building a better world begins with building our best selves. knowing that one cannot pour from an empty cup, he found INA.

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Wellness enthusiast and entrepreneur with a diverse background in the financial and technology sector. Having spent 15 years in Australia working for Deloitte, that is where Sireen found her passion in the health and wellness industry.

She embarked on a journey of personal transformation due to personal illnesses. Sireen pursued certifications in exercise, wellness and nutrition, equipping herself with the knowledge to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Now HYPOXI certified, a testament to her commitment in the latest wellness, fat burning and recovery technology. Sireen owns HYPOXI Chicago where she aspires to empower others on their wellness journeys, drawing from her own experiences and dedication to living a vibrant and healthy life. Sireen A Chacra is not just a business owner; she is a beacon of inspiration for those seeking positive and holistic transformations in their lives.

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E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, Jennifer, strives to make yoga and wellness more accessible in mind and body. She is dedicated to understanding the experience of her students and providing tools that encourage a positive shift, both on and off the mat.

What began as a physical fitness outlet quickly evolved into a lifestyle change. After years working for the Court System, her passion for yoga and community took her down a new path.

With a diverse background in community outreach and business development, she began working with local agencies and businesses, providing wellness services onsite to clients and employees. In 2019 she partnered with the Chicago Park District, setting up classes and wellness events with certified instructors from the community.

Jennifer believes that the optimal health of an individual reaches far beyond a yoga mat. It’s also about where we live and with whom we connect. When she is not teaching in the studio, you can find her serving her community and clients as a licensed real estate broker.

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Graduated from National University of Health Sciences with a Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine and also earned the certificate to perform Acupuncture. Dr Katie started her career in healthcare as a massage therapist, specializing in myofascial release and targeted structural interventions for trigger point therapy. Her passion for health and wellness has brought her to passionately seek out the most advanced therapies and treatment approaches to maximize her ability to educate and treat her community. Dr. Katie strives to combine her hands-on manual therapy skills, chiropractic adjustments, and tailored neuromuscular rehab protocol to make lasting changes in a person’s function and decrease the likelihood of injury. Dr Katie understands the negative effects of dietary chronic inflammation and enjoys guiding her patients through better nutritional habits and supplement advice.

Dr Katie holds additional training from: the Motion Palpation Institute MPI, Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation DNS, GRIP assessment and rehabilitation, Neurodynamic Solutions NDS, Precision Neuromuscular Therapy for TMJ disorders, RockTape kinesiology taping, Cupping therapy.

Dr Katie has a positive outlook and enjoys building relationships with her patients. Her passions outside of work include living an active lifestyle: lifting weights, yoga, group fitness, meditation, dancing, and hiking in the woods.She is an amateur chef who loves exploring restaurants in the city. Dr Katie is excited to help you find solutions to your pain and get you feeling better than before!

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In 2015, I embarked on a profound and enriching path towards holistic well-being, beginning with a 200-hour yoga teaching certification from the esteemed Reflections Yoga, yoga alliance certified. My dedication to the nurturing of body and soul led me to the Chicago Center for Psychophysical Healing, where in 2016, I achieved a certificate in herbalism. This marked the start of an ongoing journey into transformative experiences, notably my training with the PowerPath School of Shamanism, commencing the same year. 

My journey has been richly diverse, encompassing training with multiple indigenous cultures. I have had the privilege of learning from the Shipibo in the Amazon, the Huichol people of Central Mexico, and the Lakota tribe in the United States. My skill set is as varied as it is deep, including shamanic healing techniques, herbal medicine, natural remedies, entrepreneurship, yoga instruction, life skills teaching, sound healing, energy work, retreat facilitation, and sacred rituals. 

 As a specialist in transformative shamanic healing services, I blend indigenous energy work, soul retrieval, chakra balancing, space clearing, and spiritual guidance. My approach is holistic and personalized, focusing on ceremonies and rituals to guide clients through their spiritual and emotional transpersonal journeys. I offer tailored healing plans and consultations, each uniquely designed to meet the individual needs of my clients. My practice is not just about healing; it’s about empowering individuals to navigate their own path to wellness and self-discovery.

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Emma is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, a certified Reiki practitioner, as well as a breathwork and embodiment guide. She has completed additional training in restorative and yin yoga, yoga nidra and trauma informed yoga. Emma offers a variety of supportive tools and practices that empower you to feel more connected to your body’s innate wisdom and promote healing on the physical, mental and energetic levels.

Emma’s teaching style focuses on mindfulness and pranayama, emphasizing the importance of mind, body and breath awareness.

One of Emma’s favorite summer hobbies is rollerblading along Lake Michigan while listening to dance music

Emma desires to create a space for self empowerment and healing and to cultivate an inclusive space for all bodies to feel safe, welcome and part of a community. Her specialization in the healing arts and more yin styles of yoga offer a unique and much needed reprieve from the fast pace busyness of everyday life.

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Molly has been teaching vinyasa power yoga for over 10 years.  She is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance

Certified Instructor, and wants you to drop your inhibitions, and rock what you got!

Molly wants you to show up regardless of your age, size, race, or gender.  All are welcome!  Molly wants to help you celebrate yourself, as you dance breath to movement with confidence.  

Molly has run 10 marathons.  Once dressed as a pig, once as a piece of bacon, and once as a keg of beer.  The rest she was just dressed as a runner.  She finished all 10.  

Molly’s welcoming, and inclusive class will make you feel like a rockstar.  Because she encourages you to be authentically YOU. 

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Tsha is a former professional dancer turned yogi. Teaching is her passion and loves to share the healing practice of yoga. She is an E-RYT 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, ACE Certified. Trauma informed and Yin Yoga certified.

Tsha draws on her dance background to offer flows that are creative, fun, fluid with an emphasis on alignment and breath.

I danced for the purple highness, Prince!

Tsha believes that yoga is for every BODY and guides students to find their own unique way to drop IN. Whether it’s offering modifications, creative

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Brittany is a Yoga Sculpt Certified Instructor. Brittany’s authentic nature will let you feel yourself in the space while also taking your practice to the next level. Her class is a party and the playlists will never disappoint! Come as you are as Brittany is a big believer in the practice being ever changing and get ready to sweat!

Brittany teaching style is challenging yet motivating and her music coordinates perfectly to the movement throughout class.

Brittany makes it easy to join her class because she is committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment for students to explore and deepen their yoga practice, while getting lost to the vibes of her music and high energy personality.

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Stephanie Lazcano, LAc is a board-certified and licensed acupuncturist with a passion for holistic wellness, which is what brought her to her career in traditional Chinese medicine. She holds additional certifications in cosmetic acupuncture and microneedling, thus offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom with modern expertise to provide holistic care for the mind, body, and spirit.

Her treatments focus on improving mental well-being, stress management, and regulating the nervous system. Additionally, she has a deep passion for women’s health and using cosmetic acupuncture and a tool to illuminate beauty from within.

Stephanie is dedicated to providing a tranquil space where people can unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Her treatments are tailored to restore balance and vitality and her goal is to leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and balanced.

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Melissa is a seasoned Family Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years of diverse nursing experience. Melissa began her nursing journey in the intense environment of the ICU, specializing in Burns and Plastics care, where she honed her skills in critical care patient management, wound healing, and post surgical care.

After obtaining her Master’s degree and becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Melissa transitioned her career to the Emergency Room. Her dedication to patient care led her to the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic, where she courageously served in an urban hospital. In the summer of 2020, Melissa traveled to New York City to aid in the crisis, further showcasing her commitment to healthcare excellence.

Driven by a desire to empower individuals to feel their best, Melissa has shifted her focus from treating patients at their most vulnerable to helping them achieve optimal wellness. With a passion for preventative care, nutritional wellness, and aesthetics, Melissa offers comprehensive services aimed at enhancing both inner vitality and outer beauty.

At INA, Melissa combines her extensive medical knowledge with a personalized approach, ensuring each client receives tailored care and achieves their wellness goals.

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A Sneak Peek at Our Real Authentic Wellness Team

Health and fitness expert specializing in creating programs that fit each client’s individual strengths, needs, and personal goals. I have a diverse background that spans everything from Division 1 College Football to MMA.

I am trained in Krav Maga, a self-defense and striking system embraced by both the FBI and SWAT teams.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Nutrition Supplement Familiarity
  • Weight Management
  • Weight Training
  • Body Assessments
  • Program Development
  • Sport-specific Training
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Professional Boxing/MMA
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Nutrition Coach | Personal Trainer | Life Strategies + Wellness Coach | Certified Chef

Ashley Walter is a highly sought-after healthy living consultant with over a decade of
experience and several certifications under her belt. As well as working with clients and
brands, Ashley is an on-air personality and contributor to numerous nationwide media

Ashley created her nationally recognized wellness company, Living with Ashley, to
reach people nationwide looking to improve their overall health from the inside, out with
an all-encompassing approach to healthy living. She has made a name for herself for
revolutionizing the approach to a client’s needs by being a single source of dynamic
resources for nutrition, fitness, motivational coaching, cooking & health education.

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With 15 years in the culinary world, Chef Nick has worked in multiple applications, including casinos, country clubs and fine dining white tablecloth steakhouses. Chef Nick has a passion for meat fabrication, understanding the anatomy of the animal and using all the products correctly. Center of the plate is where his heart is… as it is the foundation and starting point of all plate creations. While excelling in sports, Nick chose to leave collegiate offers on the table and pursue his dream and heart and go to culinary school. Using his chef expertise, Nick still loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working out and using fresh and protein based foods to balance his lifestyle. Chef Nick spends his free time in the gym and spending quality time with his daughter.

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