Muscle Toning Facelift

A work out for the face. Using…… stimulation to tone very specific muscles of the face to literally lift the face to improve facial aging secondary to muscle atrophy. Providers at Ina are trained beyond the standard treatment model to actually change muscle contours to give improvement beyond your genetic muscular disposition to create new contours through targeted muscle toning.

Treatment outcomes include opening of the eye, brow lifts, raising the midcheek and lateral cheekbone to improve nasal labial folds and lifting the midface, improving down turned corners of the mouth, stronger jaw prominence, improving neck contours caused by muscle laxity, and flipping the lip to reveal more of the lip body.

This procedure will also ensure that Botox treatments will always be a part of your anti-aging routine, as many people age out of this procedure due to muscle atrophy and no longer get the results as they did when they were younger.

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